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The Dirty Thirties

Gangsters of the 1930's
Heads of the 1930's
Broadway in the 1930's
Inventions of the 1930's
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Heads of the 1930's


Durring this era there were many immagrants. Designers would copy styles from various contries.Headdresses which included turbans, toques, kokoshniks and tiara were all reinvented. Accessories were starting to be a large part of the outfits and perfume also made it’s claim.


The cloche hat was fashionable from 1908 to 1933 was one of the most extreme forms of millinery ever, with an appearance that resembled a helmet.  It was the iconic hat of the twenties decade and will ever be associated with the flappers of the era.  It was responsible for the period stance we associate with the era.  To wear one correctly the hat had to be all but pulled over the eyes, making the wearer have to lift up the head, whilst peering snootily down the nose. Cloche hats had a basic bell contour with bulbous crowns which if correctly designed could add inches to the height of the wearer helping to foster the haughty look, so redolent of the cloche in our mind’s eye.


The Cloche Hat Time Line


As early as 1910 close fitting hats with deep crowns that clung over the brow had emerged and as the war years progressed. At both the start and end of World War 1 the close head fit became even snugger.


From 1916 the cloche was firmly established as a style women wore a great deal. 

Early 20s

By the twenties the hair worn under it was also cropped so short that the new even closer fitting cloche shape made a statement that said 'new woman.'


Cloches are worn with small brims at the front.


After 1930 the only way to update the cloche fashion was reduce the brim substantially.


By 1932 the cloche hat brim disappeared entirely, so between 1933 and 1935 asymmetric brims reduced often to nothing.


In this era the bob was also very popular for hair cutes on women. It was a pageboy style with some length. 1924 the razor cut shingle style was introduced and the most clear cut silhouette of the year is the dome shaped rounded crown with a much reduced brim. The most extreme form of hairstyle was the Eton Crop circa 1931 to 1933 and the hair could be brilliantine to increase the skull like appearance of the hair style.  Shiny black hair was the best form of this fashion.  Josephine Baker wore this style of slick, greased hair to great effect.