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The Dirty Thirties

Gangsters of the 1930's
Heads of the 1930's
Broadway in the 1930's
Inventions of the 1930's
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Inventions of the 1930's

     An invention, which soon after became a popular fad, is the radio. Because of no invention of the TV, the radio was their TV. And, it really did do pretty much everything the TV does for us. If you tuned in at the right time, you could catch comedy shows, news, live events, jazz, variety shows, drama, opera, you name it, the radio had it! Discovered in the late 1920's were penicllin and discovery of insulin for diabetic.This decade had some major breakthroughs in medicine and  science.

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich became famous in 1922 because of the #1 bestseller Manners book by Emily Post.


  • Frank Whittle patents the first jet engine
  • the first world cup of soccer is played
  • Polystyrene is invented
  • Ninth planet discovered (Pluto)
  • Ellen Church, a nurse, becomes the first airplane stewardess (for Boeing)
  • Japan invades Manchuria
  • Kurt Godel publishes its incompleteness theorem
  • The first synthetic rubber is invented ("neoprene")
  • FM radio broadcasting is born (Edwin Armstrong)
  • Unemployment in the US peaks at 25%
  • Hitler wins the elections and seizes power
  • Philo Farnsworth invents the television
  • Stalin's great purges: thousands disappear or are deported in Siberia
  • Invention of the radar
  • The miner Aleksej Stakanov becomes a Soviet hero for his amazing productivity
  • Wallace Carothers invents nylon, the first totaly synthetic fibre
  • George and Ladislo Biro` invent the ballpoint pen
  • Plastics proliferates
  • Carl Magee invents the parking meter
  • Heinrich Focke flies the first helicopter
  • The economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes are applied in the U.S.
  • Civil war erupts in Spain
  • Mussolini invades Ethiopia, a member of the League of Nations
  • The first nylon stockings appear
  • Turing publishes his article on the Turing machine
  • Stalin's Red Terror
  • Rape of Nanking by the Japanese (42.000 Chinese dead)
  • A zeppelin explodes in New Jersey and ends the zeppelin industry
  • Oil struck in Kuwait, but all Arab countries supply only 5% of the world's oil
  • Thousands of Jewish shops are attacked by nazist mobs in Berlin ("Kristallnacht")
  • Hitler annexes Austria
  • First commercial helicopter
  • The pesticide DDT is introduced
  • First flight by a jet airplane (Germany)
  • First antibiotic
  • Television debuts at a fair
  • Francisco Franco wins the civil war in Spain after 600.000 people died
  • Hitler invades Czekoslovakia
  • Non-aggression pact between Hitler and Stalin
  • Hitler invades Poland
  • Stalin invades Finland
  • Mussolini invades Albania